Staff List
GLE Office Staff
Principal- Ms. Michelle Flynn
Asst. Principal - Ms. Faith Cox
Administrative Assistant - Ms. Rhonda Cromer
Receptionists/Office Clerks - Ms. Brandy Moore

School Nurse-    

Ms. Carly Hansen
Ms. Haley Osborne
Ms. Natalie Rascher

First Grade
Mrs. Jackie Hodge
Ms. Millissa Rudasill
Ms. Kathryn Ward

Second Grade
Mrs. Cherish Dunnigan
Mrs. Rhonda Meadows
Mrs. Heidi York

Third Grade
Ms. Jenna Edmonds Altis
Ms. Lindsey Hines  l
Ms. Suzanne Roberts

Fourth Grade
Mrs. Lauren Wyatt
Ms. Margery Mullins
Mrs. Kelly Pleasant

Fifth Grade
Mrs. Lori Adamo
Ms. Carolyn Croy
Ms. Sarah Wilkie

Special Education Teachers
Mrs. Jeanie Flad, Sp.Ed. Consulting Teacher
 Ms. Erin Tryon, Sp.Ed. Teacher

Special Education Aides

Ms. Jalin Diggs
Mr. Tucker Knight

Ms. Tacey Apisa, English as Second Language Teacher
Mrs. Ann Berenato, Music Teacher
Mrs. Sarah White, Art Teacher
Ms. Katy Gresh, Guidance Counselor
Mr. Robert Guinn, Library Media Specialist
Mrs. Stephanie Vaccaro, Reading Specialist
Mr. John Elebash, Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Sonya Burchett, Gifted Teacher
Ms. Samantha Holley, Speech Therapist
Ms. Emma Bailey, STEM Teacher

Custodial Staff
Mrs. Betty Daniels, Senior Custodian
Mr. Doug Johnson, Night Custodian
Mr. Todd Walters, Daytime Custodian

Cafeteria Staff
Mrs. Joan Green, Cafeteria Manager 
Ms. Shalana Price
Mrs. Betty Simpkins 

Cafeteria Aides
Mrs. Sarah Shealor
Mrs. Mary Callahan

E2-Education and Enrichment, Before and After School Program
Mrs. Karen Schendel, Director
Ms. Rachel Altizer 
Ms. Alexandra Belden
Ms. Amber Cromer
Ms. Leah Hodge
Ms. Anna Walther

Early Literacy Aide
Mrs. Brenda Metro

New River Community Services/School-Based Clinician
Ms. Eileen Wiegand