Staff List
GLE Office Staff
Principal- Mrs. Michelle Flynn
   [email protected]
Asst. Principal - Ms. Katy Balko [email protected]
Administrative Assistant - Ms. Rhonda Cromer  [email protected]
Receptionists/Office Clerks - Mrs. Nicole King [email protected]

School Nurse -Quiana Brown [email protected]

Ms. Jenna Altis  [email protected]
Ms. Carly Hansen  [email protected]
Ms. Natalie Rascher  [email protected]

First Grade
Mrs. Jackie Hodge  [email protected]
Ms. Millissa Rudasill  [email protected]
Ms. Kathryn Ward  [email protected]

Second Grade
Mrs. Cherish Dunnigan  [email protected]
Ms. Hannah Hagan [email protected]
Ms. Suzanne Roberts  [email protected]

Third Grade
Mrs. Lori Adamo  [email protected]
Ms. Felicity Holmes [email protected]
Mrs. Heidi York  [email protected]

Fourth Grade
Mrs. Candace Marshall [email protected]
Mrs. Sarah Wilkie Bushman
Mrs. Lauren Wyatt  [email protected]

Fifth Grade
Ms. Debra Laci ([email protected])
Ms. Margery Mullins  [email protected]
Ms. Brittani Quigley ([email protected])

Special Education Teachers
Mrs. Jeanie Flad, Sp.Ed. Consulting Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Alana Benavides [email protected]
Ms. Sarah Waldon [email protected]

Special Education Aides

Ms. Sarah-Katherine Brannon [email protected]
Ms. Liralen Miers   [email protected]
Ms. Holly Wilson [email protected]

Ms. Tacey Apisa, English as Second Language Teacher  [email protected]
Mrs. Ann Berenato, Music Teacher  [email protected]
Mr. Shaun Whiteside, Art Teacher  [email protected]
Ms. Katy Gresh, School Counselor  [email protected]
Mrs. Ashley Strand, Library Media Specialist [email protected]
Mrs. Stephanie Vaccaro, Reading Specialist  [email protected]
Mr. John Elebash, Physical Education Teacher  [email protected]
Ms. Sonya Burchett, Gifted Teacher  [email protected]
Ms. Emma Bailey, STEM Teacher  [email protected]

Custodial Staff
Mrs. Betty Daniels, Senior Custodian  [email protected]
Ms. Margaret Gibson [email protected]
Ms. April Azbell [email protected]

Cafeteria Staff
Mrs. Joan Green, Cafeteria Manager  [email protected] 
Ms. Tanya Pritchard
Ms. Deborah Kimbrough

Lunch/Recess Aides
Cathy Jones
Mary Duggan
Hayden Blankenship
Makenna Blankenship 
Erin Reisch

E2-Education and Enrichment, Before and After School Program
Mrs. Karen Schendel, Director  [email protected]
Ms. Melanie Sherrill [email protected]
Ms. Rebecca Giambra [email protected]

Early Literacy Aide
Mrs. Paula Snair [email protected]

New River Community Services/School-Based Clinician
Ms. Eileen Wiegand  [email protected]